Terms of Service

We accept payments through PayPal, MasterCard & Visa. Payment is expected within 3 days after ordering.

1. Unless the product you ordered is at our headquarters in Illinois, we will inform our wholesaler in LESS than 24 hours (unless you order after 5pm Friday as well as if you ordered on the weekend).
2. The wholesaler will ship in a few days. We only use the most reliable wholesalers!
3. After that, I will give you your tracking number (except for state quarters).
We will accept returns for the item if it is returned within 15 days in the same condition as it was sent, follow these steps:
1. Inform me by email or phone call why you do not like the product
2. *Except for state quarters, 2XL winter coat parka and Jimi Hendrix CD, I will provide you an address to ship the product back to and and a RETURN NUMBER. Remember to give me valid contact information.
3. Once you receive the address and RETURN NUMBER, ship the product (at your own expense) and make sure you provide me a tracking number. In nearly all cases, there is no extra charge for getting the tracking number.
4. Once I know that the product has been received by wholesaler, I will give you a refund soon thereafter.
*for these products it takes LESS time to get your refund because I will ship from QS44's headquarters.
If you have any questions or concerns about buying a product from my store or with your order, please email me at qs44plus4@gmail.com or by calling 773-418-0452.
PLEASE NOTE Qualityservice44 is NOT liable for products that allow for concealed weapons or the stun guns. We have several locations in our store ADVISING a potential buyer to check for local and state governments' laws and ordinances relating to the product they are interested in.