All pet products are brand new. I work with some of the best pet suppliers in the US. They have reliably shipped and delivered fine products to my customers since Qualityservice44 started in 2012.
From coast to coast, from NORTH to SOUTH, you never a pay anything extra for shipping. Whether you're from California, New York, Minnesota, Maine, Florida, Texas and ALL POINTS IN BETWEEN, all customers, pay the same shipping charge.
After clicking on the "Add to Cart" button, you will be taken to the checkout page and select "PayPal check out" You will be taken to a PayPal page to either sign in to your account on PayPal. You are then returned to eCRATER where you will see the shipping and total. The order is complete and your card or account charged ONLY after you confirm the order and click the submit button.
We will have a website which I will be providing on Qualityservice44's homepage. This will give you new developments and more information on our very well received online products !
Orders may be cancelled as long as the item has not yet been shipped. Please respond soon. The quicker you inform us of an order cancellation, the more likely we can cancel that order. As noted, we have outstanding wholesalers, and if we have already informed our wholesaler of your cancellation, sometimes they can cancel the order. However, this depends on the timeliness of your cancellation request. If the item has shipped, return it for a refund. Remember, if you do receive the item, you must inform QS44 so we can give you the correct address to send back the item.
We follow this process for orders: 1. Unless the product you ordered is at our headquarters in Illinois, we will inform our wholesaler in LESS than 24 hours (unless you order after 5pm Friday as well as ordering on the weekend). 2. The wholesaler will ship in about 2 days. We only use the most reliable wholesalers! 3. After that, I will give you your tracking number (except for state quarters). 4. Then, we will monitor the progress of your shipment. Many orders have been delivered within a week from the time customers have ordered to the time they received it.
You need to tell me within 15 days. I will give you a full refund when you: 1. Inform me of the problem you have with the product you ordered. 2. I will inform you of the address you ship the product. In most instances, I must get a Return Number from the wholesaler. I will provide this as well as address to send product back. Shipment cost is paid by you. 3. You will provide me with a tracking number for the product you want refunded. 4. Once my wholesaler has received the product, I will refund you IN FULL within 24 hours. PLEASE NOTE! With the Jimi Hendrix CD, the 2XL coat/parka and the quarters, the return/refund process will be QUICKER because you will ship to QS44, not a wholesaler. When you read step #2, you will understand that most of that step is eliminate. Except for quarters, you still MUST have the tracking number, and I will refund after I receive it.
Those products that we indicate are Streetwise Security Products are currently one of the most recognizable and respected brands in the self-defense industry. Please be sure to follow state and local laws and ordinances regarding any of these products. For example, some states bar stun guns.
Concealed weapons are banned in many stores, libraries, schools and other places. Check for the "no concealed weapons" logo. Check also your state and local governments' laws and ordinances relating to concealed weapons.